Warrior Women as Supporting Characters: Clarisse LaRue from Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series

The Percy Jackson series revolves around the titular character, Percy Jackson, and his adventures, which are really just him trying to not get killed by monsters from Greek mythology, after finding out that he wasn’t just an ordinary boy – he is a demigod, and Poseidon’s offspring, at that.

The world that the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is set in is the contemporary world imposed with all the creatures from Greek mythology – from gods and goddesses, to the very snakes on top of Medusa’s head. Percy wasn’t the only kid who was born to a Greek deity. There were too many of them that these kids , who show signs of being demigods by having an insane amount of energy and inherited talents from their divine parent, are already given a camp to ensure their safety against forces that wanted them dead.

Clarisse LaRue is one these demigod kids. She was the daughter of Aries, the god of War. In the first book, she was depicted as a sullen, angry girl, who uses her size to bully other kids in the camp. All the anger and violence of Aries were obviously the things she inherited from him. However negative these are, it was obvious how Clarisse was actually a good warrior, something that is prized in the Camp Half-Blood.

Like Percy and other kids, Clarisse struggled to find herself in the world. She has all these rage and all the skills, and yet there are still many times that she is seen as the bad kid. Throughout the story, Clarisse grows alongside Percy and his friends. Eventually, she becomes one of his friends, too, and even saves him a time or two. Though Clarisse wasn’t features as often as Percy and his friends are, the reader could see in the few times that she is mentioned that she had grown from someone who just have all the strength and courage, to actually finding the heart to accompany the strength.