Warrior Women as Supporting Characters: Ygritte from A Song of Ice and Fire

In G.R.R. Martin’s world of A Song of Fire and Ice, the wildings are the people who inhabit the area north of the Wall. They were considered barbaric by the people from south of the Wall, and were generally just looked down upon.

In one of the events in the series, one of the main characters, Jon Snow, was brought together with his brother of the Night’s Watch beyond the Wall. However, due to treason and mutiny, Jon Snow was left to fend for himself, until a group of Free Folk decided to kidnap him. With this group of Free Folk was one of the fiercest warriors the wildling have, Ygritte.

Ygritte is a great spearwife, which is basically an archer in the Free Folk community. She is highly skilled, and she could even best some of the people in Mance Rayder’s group. She is smart, and cunning, which makes her even more deadly. Above all, she has strong sense of herself that is most admirable for a warrior.

Ygritte, as all great women do, falls in love with a boy, Jon Snow. And thus began her downfall. But even in her weakest moments, she still remained brave and tried to do what she believes is right. She clung to her principles and remained as honourable as she was from the beginning of her character’s introduction.